The Photographer is one of the Artist’s Best Friends

I couldn’t resist sneaking in a few surreptitious shots of the Photographer during a recent photo shoot of my paintings. Don’t tell Wayne Kondoff.  

I’m always thrilled to get to this stage in the painting process. Putting the paintbrush down for the last time after completing a painting is just the beginning. 

What do you mean? Aren’t you done with the painting then? Not even. The after-painting party is just beginning.  First, there are many fussy things I do afterwards to ensure I am one with my painting and my painting is at one with me. This fussy part can take days to months. But this post is not about my funny artist rituals.  

I follow up with my “official” post-painting checklist, which, at last count, contains around 16 steps. And one of those steps involves getting a high quality, high-resolution photograph of the painting. While I can photograph my artwork in a pinch, I prefer to have professional images taken. 

And this is where the Photographer comes in. I’m convinced he/she is one of your best friends in the artistic process. There is something quite thrilling about seeing a well-taken photograph of your painting that faithfully represents the original, and knowing you are about to bare your soul and share your creation online.