This is not a library, so you can be as loud as you want. Sigh, snort, giggle, or just stare in silent admiration. It's all good.  Since Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder, you're a pretty important part of this equation. So, don't be shy - go ahead and do some bold Beholding.  


Thank you for your kind words:

"great artist and great pieces!"

"I find Laurie Stallman Art to be a fabulous space for unlimited imagination, intriguing color combination and fabulous textures. I LOVE my painting and will hang it with pride and joy."

"Beautiful pieces of art! Such creative beauty!"

"I like all of the paintings, it was a hard decision."

Abstract imagery is my specialty. More than anything, I love to create never-before-seen worlds and vistas. I'm fascinated by the microcosms and macrocosms that are inaccessible to us in person, and are often visible only with the help of scientific instruments like telescopes, microscopes, etc. The glorious images of nebulas and neuroscience, for instance. And a myriad of other natural environments like caverns, oceans and skies, and the life in them. 

I often build up random textures and distressed layers on the canvas over several sessions. I combine careful, calculated brush strokes with playful exploration. Painting sessions typically end up with some sort of mess and mayhem. Inexplicably, I often end up with blobs of blue paint on my big toe.  

Into this creative cauldron of chaos, I mix a healthy dose of control. To support all this spontaneity, it takes the right technology, tools and techniques, within an organized studio.

Photo credit: Marlene Hufford

Photo credit: Marlene Hufford

You can often find me painting in my studio, in San Antonio, Texas, at every opportunity. My favorite times are in the wee hours, when the noisy din of the world dies down and the daily demands taper off in their intensity. In those magical, unsupervised moments, I make my art.